At Holdsworth Communications, telling the stories of people and organizations making a real impact in the lives of others is what we do best.

From research to branding to marketing to websites to public relations
, we empower educational institutions, non-profits and government entities to uncover and own their narratives.


"A perfectly placed, impeccably delivered story can transport a person to a place beyond interested, straight past paying attention and into a state of complete captivation."

Kindra Hall, "Stories That Stick"

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Although communications and audience needs change rapidly, you should know where your organization is going, why and a general idea of how you're going to get there. Yes, you can pivot your tactics along the way, but a plan keeps everything (and everyone) moving in the same direction.

We base all of our strategic communications plans on the research we've done and the conversations we've had with you about your goals and objectives. Our plans are comprehensive, thorough and they'll fit within your budget.


Our fearless founder, Dr. Amanda Holdsworth, APR, graduated with a Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California where her professors hammered home the importance of research. She later upped her data game and techniques by returning to USC to earn a Doctor of Education. So, needless to say, all of our projects are rooted in research, from start to finish. We're skilled in audits, competitor analyses, focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews and digital analyses such as Google Analytics, e-newsletter metrics, SEO and social media engagement.


Communicators have their own areas of expertise. Here are a few of ours.

P.S. - If you have a need not listed here, please contact us. If we can't help you, we can most likely give you a few recommendations.

Areas of Service


One of our favorite services, branding is more than just a logo; it's the feeling evoked when someone hears your name or sees an image that reminds them of you. 

And, in many cases, particularly when working with schools, non-profits and government entities, our branding work dances around current logos and colors because, as we know from experience, changing things like signage, stationery and even spirit wear can be quite expensive.

So, how do we work on branding campaigns? You guessed it: we start with research to uncover the stories to tell, followed by professional photo and video shoots and we wrap it up with key message development and a new look and feel for your marketing materials. 

A side effect of our branding campaigns? A strong sense of pride in your school or organization from both the people you serve AND the people who perform your services. We've seen many tears of joy shed when the final products have been unveiled, so get your tissues handy.


PR is Amanda's first love and she has spent 20+ years as a spokesperson. She is highly skilled in media relations and crisis communications and in just the last few years, has scored press coverage in and on the outlets listed below.


Marketing used to be a dirty word in education and non-profit work. That is no longer the case. 

We'll help you develop lead magnets, digital and print ads, re-targeting campaigns and more. Grow those email lists, donations and/or enrollment wait lists with our marketing services. 


Unlike other firms, our team has been embedded in executive communications roles within private and parochial schools, public school districts, public and private universities and non-profits.

In short, we get it. We understand the approval and budget processes. We know about internal barriers. And, we completely understand the pressures involved with having multiple audiences. There isn't a learning curve when you hire our team because we hit the ground running.


It's the little

Not only do we fully understand ADA compliance, we've trained hundreds of communicators across the country in best practices for website design and management. We have extensive experience using WordPress, Finalsite, Blackboard, Foxbright, Revize and even Wix and Weebly, so whichever platform you're on, we can work with it!

We're also trained in writing for the web, SEO and content management best practices. We love looking at Google Analytics, SEO audits and keywords as part of our ongoing monitoring process.

In terms of digital, we can do it all. From e-newsletters to social media to landing pages to automation funnels, we love anything that can be measured and tweaked for further success.

Our team can handle the set-up and development of these important tools as well as the day-to-day maintenance of your accounts.

WEBSITES + digital

We truly love what we do and we get a thrill out of delivering products and services that invoke a sense a pride among our clients and their audiences.

We're also a bit different than other agencies in HOW we do things because not only are we creative and innovative, we’re also process-oriented and efficient. We develop detailed timelines and deliverables for each and every client, keeping track of project milestones so you don't have to.

We serve as an extension of your team with the goal of providing you with nothing but the best. 

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